Temporary Halt

To all Wholesale clients.

We have sadly stopped accepting wholesale orders as the opening of our new warehouse in Asia has put a lot of stress and work on our staff. We are doing our best to resolve all businesses at our new Asia warehouse so that we can continue business as usual. Until then, if you are in need of products, please reach out to our staff at KPOPMallUSA.com as they will temporarily assist you with all your wholesale orders.

Wholesale Catalog: Please understand the wholesale catalog has not been updated since the launch of TKV as our staff has not had time to add the new and old products into the new wholesale system. As always, if there is a product that you are looking for please contact our staff as we may already be supplying the product to our clients.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Product MOQ’s must be met to place orders on TKV. If you can not reach the MOQ’s, please use the bulk/resell program at KPOPMallUSA.com.